Girl Of The Month: Jennifer


Here at WCN Events we are all about cars and girls. We love our custom cars and love to show them off. Even better if we can show them off with some pretty girls :)


Our pretty girl of the month is Jennifer. Here is a little interview with Jennifer.

WCN: What is your favorite kind of car?

Jennifer: Well – I drive a Civic. My dad bought it for me. Last month I had some nice rims put on it. My favorite car is a mustang.

WCN: How did you break into the car girl circuit?

Jennifer: Well, I attended car shows in my home town, San Diego, CA. I love it there. Love the beach live. I modeled with some of my friends cars, hoping to become a real model. I haven’t given up on that dream. It became clear to me though that the professional girls were prettier than me and that I needed a bit of work done. After that it was pretty easy.

WCN: What kind of work did you have done?

Jennifer: Well you know, there up here got a little boost. But also, my nose was a little big which prevented me from having nice angled shots, so I had a rhinoplasty.

WCN: A rhinoplasty? What’s that?

Jennifer: A rhinoplasty is a fancy word for a nose job. I had an open rhinoplasty, which means they made an incision in the underside of my nose. The surgeon then reshaped my septum, which is the cartilage between the left and right nostril and made my nose a little shorter.  He also shaved off an unsightly bump in my nose. Then he reduced the size of my nostrils.

WCN: Wow – sounds painful…

Jennifer: It’s not too bad. As it turns out, your nose isn’t all that sensitive. Besides, the doctor gave me some good pain medication. It took a few weeks for all the bandages to come off and for the swelling to go down, but pretty soon I was able to model again. Really a rhinoplasty isn’t that hard to have done and I recommend it to anyone who feel uncomfortable about their nose.

WCN: Did you have to travel up to L.A. to have that Rhinoplasty done?

Jennifer: No – you know what? We have some really good rhinoplasty specialists right here in San Diego county. I did some research and it was a choice between Del Mar Rhinoplasty, Escondido Rhinoplasty and Encinitas Rhinoplasty. Finally I had my rhinoplasty in Escondido, the surgeon was nice and he had a good price. I am very satisfied with my nose now and I have now have regular modeling work. Including with shots from the side :)

WCN: Well – you look great, it worked!

Jennifer: Thanks – that is nice if you to say.

WCN: Is there anyone special in your life?

Jennifer: Yes, my boyfriend Rick. He is a really sweet and supportive guy. We met at an auto show in Carlsbad about a year ago. He was showing off his Corvette. Really nice car. We moved in together a couple of months ago. He is very supportive of what I am trying to achieve.

WCN: Thanks Jennifer – good luck!

Jennifer: Thanks guys.